Photo of melting iceberg done by Prof. Dr. Kurt Varmuza
Picture data: 17 July 2007, ca. 69.17° nord, 51.23° west, near village Ilulissat.
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[ that is a photo from 11th issue of Bulgarian Internet journal "Kosnos"]

Prof. Dr. Kurt Varmuza is one of the famous chemometricians in the World. He is professor in Vienna Technical University and is a good friend of Bulgaria. He has a collaboration with Molecular Spectroscopy Division of Analytical Chemistry Deprtment of University of Plovdiv, and as a result of this collaboration there appered 7 scientific papers. Prof. Varmuza has visited Bulgaria several times and given several lectures -- the last one was at 6th Chemical Conference of Chemical Faculty. His hobbies include astronomy: you can see here his magnificent photos of solar eclippses.