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Karlovo in pictures
Monastery's photos
Bulgarian peaks around
Plovdiv in June
In the Rhodope Mountains in the summer of 2007
Koprivshtitsa and to our history (photos)
Picture of the day - beautiful Koprivshtitsa
Pisanitsa, the village in the Rhodope Mountains
Autumn in Plovdiv, Number 14, 2007
Veliki Preslav (photos)
Plovdiv in snow (photos)
Musala Peak
Russian monument in Plovdiv
Plovdiv, top view
The International Fair in Plovdiv
Rhodope Mountains near the village Sitovo
May-Alley with color Djendem Tepe in Plovdiv
Spring flowers and beauty of Djendem Tepe
Martsiganitsa hut in the Rhodope Mountains
Across the Old Plovdiv (photos)
The Protestant church in Plovdiv, Number 23, 2008
Another look at the hut in the Rhodope Martsiganitsa
Christmas spirit in Plovdiv
Hisar Kapija in the Old Plovdiv, Number 27, 2008
Know Bulgaria? (game with pictures from the magazine)
St. Nicholas Church in Karlovo
Chapel near hut Ravnitsa in the Rhodopes
Church of Christ Pantocrator in Nessebar
Nessebar (itinerary with photos)
Buna in Old Nessebar

Canada in pictures
Across California
Beauty and history in Edirne
Papagou Park in Phoenix, Arizona
The Red Square in Moscow
Moscow, Moscow (photos)
Spain in photos
Photos of Canada
Pictures of Britain
Sunset over the Adriatic Sea
Innsbruck in pictures
Trieste in pictures
Adriatic in pictures. The Croatian town of Rovinj, Number 21, 2008
Picture of the day - the Roman amphitheater in the city Arena Pula, Croatia, Number 22,
Adriatic in pictures. Croatian towns of Pula, Rovinj and Vrsar, Number 22, 2008
Venice in pictures, number 23, 2008
Picture of the day - Balboa Park near San Diego, number 24, 2008
Across California (itinerary with pictures, part 2), number 24, 2008
Picture of the day - Mileniam Park in Chicago, number 25, 2008
Photos from the United States, Number 25, 2008
Picture of the day - red rocks of Sedona, Number 28, 2008
Pictures from California, number 29, 2008
You know the world? (game with pictures from the magazine), Issue 30, 2008
Picture of the day - Paris, Number 31, 2008
Paris in photo number 31, 2008


With «Signal» visit in Plovdiv (photos), issue 9, 2007
With «Remains» visit in Plovdiv (photos), Issue 11, 2007
Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv (panoramic photo), issue 12, 2007
Group remains "a guest in Plovdiv (photos), number 16, 2008
Some of the authors of the journal Kosnos (photo), number 17, 2008
Piano Concerto-ous Stefan Petrov, Number 20, 2008


    Science and Education

      For students: Colors of chemical compounds, Issue 1, 2006
      Club Knowledge of "Quantum", Issue 3, 2007
      What's in the box on the computer, Issue 4, 2007
      Photos from the first race of the club "Impulse", issue 6, 2007
      Start of school year 2007-2008 in a Plovdiv school (photo), issue 12, 2007
   60 years since the creation of transistors

   Society and Economy

   The age of the president, Issue 1, 2006
   Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv (panoramic photo), issue 12, 2007
   Protests by teachers in Burgas (photo weblogs), issue 12, 2007
   Procession on the Day of National Leaders in Sofia (photo report), number 13, 2007
   Winery (Wine Festival), number 18, 2008
   Wine Festival in pictures (Winery 2008), Issue 19, 2008
   Two photos of rally Hebros, Number 21, 2008
   Photos from the Air Show in Kumanovo village near Plovdiv, Number 31, 2008