Готварски рецепти от списание "Коснос"

[Рибни] [Месни] [Вегетариански] [Салати] [Десерти] [Други материали]

Рибни и от морски дарове

Месни Вегетариански Салати Десерти и тестени изделия Други материали Recipes from the magazine Kosnos "

                                                [Fish] [Meat] [Vegetarian] [Salads] [Desserts] [Other Materials]

    Fish and seafood

      Stuffed carp
      Fried clams on stag


      Stuffed rabbit in Stara Zagora
      Steak with mushrooms
      Monastery Gyuvech
      Stuffed Zucchini
      Soup flavored tripe soup
      Skewers Wedges
      Parshuta with potatoes and vegetables
      Sauerkraut with pork in stag


      Aubergines in chinese
      Rice with eggplant
      Mishmash of stag (recipe)
      Nettle rice
      Zucchini rice
      Rice with frozen vegetables
      Green lentils with garlic


      Winter salad (salad prepared with canned tomatoes)
      Bean salad
      Arizona Salad
      Topping for salads "Honeymoon"

    Desserts and pastries

      Homemade biscuit cake
      New Year's Eve with fortune pie
      Cake "Milena"
      Easter cake
      Strudel with apples (recipe)
      Biscuit cake
      Sodena bread for Christmas Eve

    Other materials

      Vitamin tablets with the addition of micronutrients
      Science in the kitchen in favor of ecology
      Tips in the kitchen
      Vitamin C - Health in the tablets?!
      Wheat germ

                                                          [These are recipes of the magazine Kosnos "http://www.kosnos.com]